Sahibzada M.Nadeem

Sahibzada m.NADEEM

Mr. Nadeem is a man with a brilliant mind who always comes with unique innovative ideas in anything he does. He has done his Master in Journalism and Mass Communication and International Relations.


Mr. Nadeem is a journalist by profession but education is his passion and always tries his best to spread his knowledge to others in an easy and understandable manner, not the way of traditional difficult approach.


Mr. Nadeem always has God gifted mind with unique ideas about business ventures and knows how to bring some innovative changes in any field under consideration.


Mr. Nadeem is currently associated with a leading newspaper and education institution in China.

Sahibzada M. Adil

Sahibzada  m.ADIL

Mr.Adil is a finance professional with more than six years of practical experience in the field of Accounting, Audit, Corporate, and Tax advisory. Mr. Adil is a person with tons of business ideas and always comes with different approaches to any problem.


Mr. Adil always believes to bring unique changes in the methods of education and learning methods, and guiding people on how to start their own business ventures with their limited resources, and making them able to generate sufficient earnings with their limited resources.


Mr. Adil is currently studying the advanced level of Chartered Accountancy and ACCA and is currently associated with the leading international Chartered Accountants firm.