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What is

We are for the people who value knowledge, Our site is the platform that makes the learning and understanding process easy because we transform the hard-to-understand into easy-to-use. Through expert and easy-to-understand principle, approachable style, transforming complexity into simplicity, users of our site, no matter at what level they are can confidently use their knowledge and understanding obtained from our site, to boost their professional advancement and personal betterment.

With a commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards and a promise to continue developing new techniques of learning and to transform complex things into simple ones, we will make learning anything even easier.

What’s so special in is the first platform ever that introduced:

     => Summaries of accounting standards

     =>  Summaries of IFRSs

     =>  Summaries of IFRICs

     =>  Summaries of SICs, and

     => Summaries of auditing standards

Further, we also providing help to business students in their homework and assignments by qualified professionals which includes CAs, ACCAs, CFAs, PhDs, MPhils of various subjects to guide the students that how to deal with complex and tough assignments in a timely manner. Besides summaries of accounting and auditing standards and assignment help we also provide other services like business plans, online courses, cryptocurrency analysis, and paid investment advice. All of these services are providing under the umbrella of

Is the content and information that is found on the website is copied or original? has a team of qualified experts including accountants, engineers, media journalists, and law experts who are always ready to help people from their knowledge and that’s why our all contents and materials are unique from other websites. We are uploading those materials and contents once it is checked thoroughly by our inspection team, to make sure that such contents and information is original and unique. We always believe in the quality of information and are always committed to excel in what we do and we believe that copied and easy work won’t let you get to succeed and excel in any field.

How to get the paid services of

We provide most of the services and information for free to our visitors. However, we encourage our visitors to avail our paid services too. Those visitors who intended to avail  our paid services simply need to click on the required services and fill the required form while mentioning each and everything to ensure that nothing got missed and to ensure the quality of services.

How will make sure that the services provided against the paid services will be of the best quality? is really strict about the quality of services and that’s why we have kept really strict criteria for the selection of experts which can be judge from our guidelines for experts, which ensure that the services provided by the professionals are competent enough to provide such services without compromising the quality and deadline. In the case of unsatisfactory work, we are refunding the full amount to our customers so that they won't stop coming back to us and be happy customers of us.

How is selecting the professional experts, who are providing the paid services? knows the fact of false claims by people about their education and competencies, that’s why we have kept really strict criteria for the selection of experts in our panel who will provide the paid services. The criteria for the selection of experts include;

     => Checking the educational credential of experts

     =>  Picture of the Identity card/License

     =>  Pic of the expert while holding his or her identity card near to the face

Further, beside the above mentioned requirements, we are taking a complex test from the expert in his or her relevant field of study to make it sure that expert has sufficient knowledge about his or her field of study.

Is is taking care of the privacy of the information that is shared during acquiring  paid services?

We really care about the confidentiality of the information that is collected by our site or shared by the client(s) while acquiring our paid services. We will never ever sold or share your information to any third party in any circumstances.

What if I am unsatisfied with the quality of services? Is there is any policy to compensate or refund?

First of all, we strive our best to deliver the best possible quality services in time. However, there may circumstances arise when the client may not get happy with the quality of services (which is a really rare case) then we are compensating the client instantly according to his or her instructions, I-e whether to make a full refund or to do the existing or other tasks for free.

How can I join as an expert? always welcomes hard-working and committed individuals who are highly skilled in their field of study. If you think, yes you! the one who reading this then gets in touch with us by telling your field of expertise so that we include you in our panel, where you can get a chance to earn good money with us.

For more information and how to join us please refer to the guidelines, where you will get all the necessary information that how you can join us.