Seven online courses for free

Get a front-row seat and start learning from the most prestigious educational institutions in the world with these online courses.

1. Edx

This website has a membership with more than 160 member universities and with more than 3000 plus courses. Students can enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different fields. According to the website sources, there are more than 400,000 students enrolled in different programs at different universities. This site has different courses to offer in collaboration with the world’s leading institutes and the fee of the course is too minimal so that everyone can afford it easily. Businesses can benefit from it to conduct training for their employees. Just register with this site for unlocking potential low-fee courses from the world's top-class institutes.

2. Khan Academy

Khan academy was first started as a YouTube Channel by leading movie actor Salman Khan for his tutors and his relatives but with the passage of time, it is converted into an incredibly thorough learning platform that teaches everything from social studies to advanced calculus entirely for free. If you want to learn mathematics and social studies for free then just visit this site and upgrade your knowledge for free.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a leading social platform where experts go to meet other experts. With LinkedIn Learning, you can get real-world knowledge from experts in Business, Creative, Technology, and Certifications. They even offer programs for entire teams! To explore the world of different courses and to meet different high-level experts from different fields just visit the below link for upgrading your knowledge and skills.

4. Codecademy

The world has become a global village due to the advancement in technology and this is inevitable to learn how technology operates in this modern world. Computer programmers play an important role in the advancement of artificial intelligence and that’s the reason they earn high incomes as compared to other professionals. Different computer languages help people to advance their careers and earn handsome amounts of money either by offering their services online through freelance sites or in leading organizations but for all these things to come true there is a need to learn these courses and of course most of the people cannot afford to pay a high cost for learning. But don’t worry we have searched for a site where you can learn different computer programming courses for free and it is “Codecademy”. It offers free classes that teach you how to code in 12 of the most popular and in-demand languages including Python, C++, CSS, and HTML.

5. Harvard

Harvard is one of the most iconic names in higher education, and they offer over 100 courses online, complete with video lectures, reading material, and work to test what you’ve learned.

6. Coursera

With over 2500 free online courses, Coursera is one of the best places that gets you expert information on nearly any topic you could imagine. It offers different programs at the master level, bachelor level, and intermediate level. So choose your online course and degree and complete it without avoiding the cost and without worrying to be there in classrooms for attending the courses.

7. Skillshare

If you want to do something creative like YouTube channel creation and promotion or want to learn more about business analytics in detail then” Skillshare” works directly with experts to create unique courses that focus on providing direct and actionable lessons. Just visit and register with the site and upgrade your skills in business analytics and be an expert in social pages.